Colonial architecture in the Sudan-LS
Wadi al Ni'am : A fading rest house
Itinerant Smith
People around us
The pyramid of king Pie (Pa’ankhi), al Kurru village, Northern State.
Collecting wood
Camel breaders of Sudan travelling
argo island palace of malik tambul
Roseiris Dam
A Sudanese child carrying a goat smilling and happy
Donkeys and water
Protected from weapons by weraing Hijabs
People on Difofa
Aug 09

khartoum university - photoshoots

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Apr 26

Colonial architecture in the Sudan-LS

Intisar Soghayroun   Colonial architecture an architectural style from another country that has been incorporated…
Sep 20

Muslims Cemeteries and identity in Sudan

  The vast area of Sudan, covering about 1,886,068, allowed for considerable diversity geographically…

Sudan National Geographic

About SNG

SNG is a brilliant idea of Mr. khalid Hamid, the renowned figure in water colour and oil painting and a photographer by nature. The idea evolved and and devoloped during our joint field trips to different destinations in Sudan. Our main goal is to present the beauty of our country to others inside and outside Sudan. The logo was designed by Mr. Khalid and executed by Mr. Majid mohi eldeen. It represents the desert and the forests of the poor and rich savanna with the River Nile in between. This aspiration made a reality by ITNA (Information Technology & Network Administration) the Digital content unit, University of Khartoum.

intisar Soghayroun, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Khartoum

Headlines seem only to scream about conflict, poverty and environmental issues. We as, artists, historians, archeologists and other related sciences had the opportunity to go in magnificent journeys and experience the bright side. We have been there where sands are white like a smiles of locals, where watching the sunset by the Nile is priceless, and we been in the far north from Halfa to Sai island, Kerma, khandaq and old Dongola.

 We experienced the west to Al Fashir, Al Obaid, and south Kordofan to Rashad and Kadogli.  Central Sudan is the corridor to the north where famous sites of ancient Meroe at Begrawiya, the Napatan sites at the sacred mountain Jebel al Barkal. The famous Butana region with its temples and water reservoir (Hafir) which extends back in times immemorial.  The six cataract ,Sabaloga,  and all the way North East to Suakin , Red Sea hinterlands and Sanganeb. South east of the country is another field we explored down to Roseiris and historic Fazougli the heart of the Funj Kingdom.

Who are we

Sudan is beautiful; therefore we would like to introduce it as open source for all.
We realized that Sudan is a hidden treasure. A group of Italian divers who established a small business on the Red Sea for diving lovers and boat trips one said: ‘’We brought Italy to Sudan’’.  The Question is what if we can bring Sudan not only to them but to the world? . while doing this the documentation process will go step by step. We are losing a lot of our natural landscape as well as our heritage with the rapid development project, this is what we have captured by our cameras!!


Who are we? Our goals
SNG is a nonprofit group who is in its search to reflect the beauty of the country is aiming at developing its goals to cover the following activities:
We will share here part of the hidden beauty in Sudan with the rest of the world in brief written illustrated citations with a gallery that rope in photos, short videos and paintings. With the continues developing and changing of technology our technical team will strive to keep up to date to meet international standards.
We provide:

-    Art Gallery
-    Top Experiences (Tours)
-    Trip Planner
-    Blog (Selected articles about Sudan)
-    General Information and recommendations Such as (weather, Currency, how to get here..etc)

Nubia: the forgotten Kingdom
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